Benefits Of Microban Antimicrobial Fabrics & Screening

It is more important than ever to keep commercial and residential furnishings as clean as possible. Bacteria, mould and mildew are the sworn enemies of outdoor fabric, shades, and screens. These stain-and-odour causing bacteria thrive on heat and humidity and can be extremely destructive. They can also cause structural damage to the fibers and shorten the overall life of your fabric. The solution is to stop the growth of mould, mildew and other microbes before it even starts by choosing antimicrobial fabric and screening infused with Microban.

What Is Microban®

Microban is the leading brand of EPA-approved antimicrobial product protection solutions and has been a pioneer in the world of antimicrobial technology and odour control solutions for over 35 years. Antimicrobial fabric manufacturers infuse their products with Microban during the manufacturing process so that it will  not wash or wear off throughout the lifetime of the textile. It has been formulated to be effective against most common moulds, fungi, bacteria and yeasts that can cause stains, smells and fabric degradation.

It is 100% safe to clean Microban treated fabrics and screening with soap, water and even bleach. When textiles are treated with Microban, you can use up to a 50% diluted bleach solution without worry of ruining the fabric.

How Does Microban® Antimicrobial Protection Work?

Microban technology works by slowing and inhibiting the growth of mildew and mould by attacking microbes as soon as they come in contact with the surface.

Is Microban® Safe For People & Pets?

Microban is perfectly safe for humans and pets. Microban protection penetrates the walls of microorganism cells as soon as they reach a surface and disrupts their growth and ability to reproduce. Because it’s always fighting against the growth of microbes, this protection makes it easier to maintain your fabric and helps it stay cleaner for longer. It’s important to remember that you should still regularly clean Microban fabric and screens and allow them to air dry with plenty of air circulation. The protection won’t wash away, even if washed with bleach, and regular maintenance will help Microban textiles perform better for a longer period of time.

Durability & Cost Efficiency of Antimicrobial Protection

Antibacterial fabric, shades, and screening that have been treated with Microban have a huge advantage over untreated fabric of the same type. Not only is it easier to maintain, but enhanced durability means you won’t have to replace your products as often.

Phifer's Outdoor Fabric Products With Microban®

Phifer offers woven sling textiles treated with Microban so you can buy with confidence, knowing that your outdoor furniture will be protected from the ravages of mildew and mold.

Phifertex® Sling Mesh

Phifertex® is ideal for DIY applications requiring structural stability and strength such as sling chair covers or pet beds. This hard wearing mesh fabric is easy to work with; it can be sewn with a standard home sewing machine. It doesn’t fray when cut, so it even lends itself to no-sew projects like outdoor placemats and table runners. Phifertex® comes in a variety of options based on use:

Phifer's Shading Products With Microban®


This interior sun shading fabric manages natural light while reducing heat and glare from entering a room. Available in over 45 designer styles including blackout options, these antimicrobial fabrics are the perfect fabric choice for interior roller shades in residential or commercial spaces.

Need more information about Phifer’s Microban products? Get in touch with us! We can answer all your questions and offer pertinent advice on choosing the right fabric or screening for your project.